California Mandated Vaccine Law Goes Into Effect

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As a state, California has never shied away from controversial laws. In July, California passed a law that made it mandatory for every student attending classes to be vaccinated. Now that September has started and the kids are back in school, the law has gone into full effect.

Vaccination has been a hot topic in the United States for the past decade or so. Despite overwhelming evidence from doctors and other public health sources, some are still weary to immunize their children. Of course, vaccinations are the reason that diseases like polio, smallpox and the measles have all but been eradicated. Still, the rejection of vaccines has become an increasingly popular belief.


To make sure diseases aren’t spread, California decided to enact the law known as SB 277. The law requires proof of immunization as children enter school for the first time or in seventh grade.


Now, anti-vaccination parents living in California are faced with three options. They can vaccinate their children, decide to home-school their children, or leave the state. Many parents have opted for the third option, leaving California and living in Oregon, Colorado or Texas. California residents who are against vaccines have a difficult decision to make. We tend to think they should listen to the medical community.

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