Tebow Signs Minor League Contract with the Mets

Just eight days after putting on an exclusive workout for 28 MLB teams, former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has agreed to a minor league contract with the New York Mets. Scouts from different MLB clubs were impressed with Tebow’s power, and considered him to have average speed and a weak throwing arm.

Tebow’s foray into baseball comes after a disappointing stint in the NFL. Although Tebow did lead the Denver Broncos to a playoff victory in the 2011 season, his questionable mechanics and weak arm made him a shaky signal-caller. When asked to switch his NFL position, Tebow refused and his short NFL career was put to a halt.


Although Tebow’s contract guarantees him some minor league reps, it’s highly unlikely he will ever see the majors. He is now just a 29-year-old minor league baseball player, like countless other major league hopefuls.


One must ponder what the Mets’ end-game is here. Tebow is older than most minor league players. He also hasn’t played competitive baseball since 2004. Do the Mets really think he can produce for them? Or is this signing simply about headlines and drawing a crowd. Conventional wisdom would lead us to believe it’s the ladder. Still, it’s hard not to root for Tebow to succeed.

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