Vikings Trade for Sam Bradford

When quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went down with a dislocated knee in practice, the Vikings knew the small window they had as playoff and potential Super Bowl contender just got tighter. After all, once-in-a-generation running back Adrian Peterson is 31 but still playing at an elite level, the Vikings defense is stronger than it’s been in years and Bridgewater had taken positive steps forward in each of his first two seasons. Thus, his injury quickly deflated the optimism which was felt throughout the Vikings practice field.

The ownership of the Vikings wasn’t content with letting that window slam shut, however. On September 3rd, the Vikings traded a 2017 first-round pick and a 2020 fourth-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for starting quarterback Sam Bradford.


Bradford may not be the stud quarterback that will guarantee the Vikings a successful season. He will, however, give them a much better chance of capitalizing on the current talent on their roster. The Vikings current backup quarterback is the 36-year-old Shaun Hill. Bradford is an undeniable upgrade from him. While Bradford certainly didn’t light the world on fire last year in his inaugural season as the Eagles starter, he did finish with 3,725 yards, and 19 TD’s in 14 games. He also had the misfortune of dealing with an Eagles team that led the league in dropped passes. It will be interesting to see if Bradford is able to lead the Vikings back to the playoffs in the NFC.

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